Business Definition Series – management

The next notion of Business Definition Series is management. (And I promise the following will not be Hungary.) Management is something what seems to be easy to definy but there are plenty of fields where we use it. Just like business-, project-, knowledge-, talent- or time management. But leaving the strictly business field for a second, we can meet life-, healthcare-, stress- or self-management.

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Business Definition Series – business

When people talk about business, companies, types of taxes or legal questions, I realize that sometimes they don’t know the exact meaning of each definitions. Or they mix up notions making difficult the life of their CPA or getting false information from the lawyer. In order to help seeing clear Business Management Hungary starts a series about the most commonly used definitions in short posts. Please welcome: Business Definition Series! … And in the end: surprise!

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Entrepreneurship: make it as easy as ABC

Entrepreneurship. A notion which may have become overvalued, mystical and on first glance seems to be impossible to reach. A motion, which most of the people, especially young people think will solve their life. And a notion, what is a kind of fundamental for our daily life wether we mean the employment aspect or as part of the whole economy. But is it really as hard as it seems?
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Israel trip

Doing business in Hungary looks to be a mistery for many entrepreneurs. Some of them – I hope that they are the minority! – doesn’t even know if Hungary is in Europe, in the Balkans or in the Middle-East. And we know, that many of them including even politicians, celebrities, etc. mix up the capital,

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